Nguyen Thi Uyen

Nguyen Thi Uyen

+84 028 37242160 ext. 3111
Nhà điều hành ĐHQG TP.HCM, P. Linh Trung, Q. Thủ Đức, TP. HCM

Department of Pharmacology - Clinical Pharmacy

Lecture (Full time)


  • MA (Clinical pharmacy) Hanoi University of pharmacy
  • BA (Clinical pharmacy) Hanoi University of pharmacy

Key responsibilities

  • Teaching and researching:
    • Preparing and delivering regular lectures for
    • Conducting tutorial sessions, seminars and laboratory
      classes (where relevant)
    • Guiding class discussions, whilst encouraging debate
      and feedback amongst students
    • Participating in course/degree setting committees,
      curriculum revision and academic planning
    • Conducting further research into their specific field of


  • Clinical pharmacy
  • Fundamental Clinical Pharmacology for Pharmacist
  • Drugs information and adverse drug reactions


  • Observational studies of drug effectiveness and harm in patients
  • Analyzing potential interactions between drugs
  • Analyzing vietnamese spontaneous adverse drug reaction database

Professional Engagement

  • 2019-present: Lecturer, Shool of Medicie, Vietnam National University

    • Teaching subjects: clinical pharmacy, drugs information
      and adverse drug reactions
    • Managerial skills: Academic affairs, Teaching programs, PBL implementation,
  • 2020-present: clinical pharmacist, Thong Nhat hospital
Truong Le Thuy Nguyen

Truong Le Thuy Nguyen

+84 28 37242160 ext. 3111 / +84 935170787
VNU-HCM Building, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC, Vietnam

MSc, Bpharm
Department of Pharmacology - Clinical Pharmacy



  • MSc (Master of Science of Clinical pharmacology), University of Pharmacy
    and Medicine  Ho Chi Minh City
  • Bpharm (Bachelor of pharmacy), University of Pharmacy and Medicine  Ho
    Chi Minh City
  • Visiting scholar, National University Hospital, Singapore

Key responsibilities

  • Developing course resources and teach students
  • Conducting highquality research in clinical pharmacy science such as
    evaluating efficacy of drugs/treatment, measuring side effects of
    drugs/treatment, evaluating behavior of patients…
  • Practicing as clinical pharmacist in a teaching hospital
  • Establishing and maintaining constructive partnerships with hospitals,
    community pharmacy, institutes of medical research, and other appropriate
    research partners


  • Antibiotics and infection diseases courses
  • Diabetes and drugs used lessons
  • Respiratory diseases lessons
  • Cardiology diseases lessons
  • Druginduced diseases lessons


  • Interest of research in antibiotics, antihyperglycemic drugs, oncology,
    patients’ adherence

Lab work

  • Clinical pharmacy at Thong Nhat hospital

Administrative work

  • Moderator of Clinical pharmacy courses

Professional engagement

  • 06/2020 – now: lecture at Clinical pharmacy unit, School of medicine,
    Vietnam National University

    • Teaching subjects: antibiotics and infection diaseases, diabetes and
      antihyperglycemic drugs, respiratory diseases and pharmacological
      treatments, druginduced diseases
    • Doing clinical science research including health outcomes, Adverse
      events, patients’ adherence…
    • Clinical pharmacist at Thong Nhat hospital
  • 05/201806/2020: Clinical pharmacist, City Children’s Hospital
    • Compiling monthly pharmacist’s letters about medicine safety and
    • Collaborating with other healthcare professionals to ensure optimal
      patient care
    • Providing nurses and physicians with training on proper medication
  • 05/2015now: Board of Directors member, Chair of Community Outreach
    Committee, VNShare Foundation

    • Preparing and conducting the annual online clinical contest for
      pharmacy students in Vietnam.
    • Organizing and participating in healthfair services for the community
  • 09/201104/2018: Medical Science Liaison, Novartis AG Service:
    • Developing material and discussing research outcomes and medical
      evidences on new treatment options
    • Cooperating with the crossfunctional team, ensuring appropriate
      understanding about the outcome results of novel medicines
  • Publications:
  • Handbook of Evidence based in Medicine, Medical Publishing House; 2020:
    Pediatrics information chapter.