Cao Dinh Tri

+84 028 37242160 ext. 3111
VNUHCM Administration Building, Quarter 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC.

Lecturer, MIT
Information Technology Unit

Full time

In the past, I used to take up many jobs like working as a hardware engineer, software, database, web programmer, and so on. All passed silently, and nothing was remained on my mind. After a long time of finding my own career path, I have tried my hand at teaching and IT careers and they have offered me unexpected results. To me, these great achievements have been a great encouragement to embark on the journey of conquering the pinnacle of knowledge for a lifetime.


  • MIT (Computer Science) University of Information Technology, Vietnam National University HCMC;
  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Open University of HCMC;

Key responsibilities

  • Work as a lecturer
  • Do IT support
    • Install, assemble, and maintain computers, printers, and networks, Windows, Microsoft Office Software, and so on.
  • Work as a librarian
    • Manage the number of imported books;
    • Arrange these books on the shelves by topics;
    • Design a book-borrowing form ;
    • Do a statistical report on students’ borrowing periodically.


  • General and Applied Informatics
  • Develop and design a telephone directory system for VNUHCM School of Medicine;
  • Build and manage the system of book libraries for VNUHCM School of Medicine ;
  • Participate in the project of building and designing network infrastructure systems for VNUHCM School of Medicine;
  • Participate in compiling textbooks “General and Applied Informatics” (practice parts only)

Professional engagement

  • 10/2018-12/2020: IT specialist for VNUHCM School of Medicine;
  • 12/2020-Present: Lecturer for VNUHCM School of Medicine.